Saxman One, LLC (Saxman One) was founded in January 2007 as an Alaska Native Corporation (ANC) and is certified as a Small Business Administration 8(a). Saxman One is a subsidiary of Cape Fox Corporation. Saxman One focuses on implementing smart solutions for Federal procurements. Its mission is to provide timely, innovative, and high-quality solutions to Warfighters, Federal agencies, and commercial partners alike. Saxman One is a professional service company that principally delivers logistical support services, training solutions, conference and event management, and intelligence support to government and private sector clients.


WHY Saxman One?

How does Saxman One differentiate itself from other contracting companies? Saxman One stands out and stands above others by being the experts often called upon within four main areas of business: Logistical Support, Training Solutions, Conference and Event Management, and Intelligence Support:

Logistical Support
Within Logistical Support Services, Saxman One delivers complete “turnkey” operations, leveraging highly qualified personnel to provide an array of solutions to the most challenging of logistical problems. Saxman One’s problem and solution oriented approach integrates the latest technology with industry “best practices” to deliver tailored, cost-effective systems for our customers. We provide expertise in the following:

  • Contract Management
  • Systems Integration
  • Asset Management
  • Logistics
  • Network Engineering Services
  • Information Technology Consultation
  • Warehouse & Inventory Control
  • Site Installation and Support
Server Room

Training Solutions
Within Training Solutions, Saxman One offers our Warfighters and Federal customers high-level, tailored training solutions which provide the knowledge, skills, and abilities to perform special key tasks. Our proven organized training techniques, combined with the latest technologies, ensure classroom and field instruction are aligned with the client’s performance goals and the organization’s long-term strategic objectives. Our instructors are experienced in conducting analysis and assessment to develop a tailored curriculum to fit specific customer requirements. We offer training in many areas of expertise including:

  • Foreign Language Training
  • Motorcycle Safety Training
  • First Responders
  • Biometrics
  • Information Technology
  • Training Support Development
  • Train-the-Trainer
  • On-Site / In-House
Training Room

Intelligence Support
Within Intelligence Support, Saxman One focuses on delivering high quality intelligence analysts, intelligence instructors, targeting specialists, and all ancillary support personnel to the intelligence community including both uniformed and civilian intelligence services. We provide full spectrum intelligence analysis, targeting, counterintelligence and instruction. We provide expertise in the following:

  • Signals Intelligence (SIGINT)
  • All Source Intelligence (ALLSOURCE)
  • Counter-Improvised Explosive Device Intelligence (C-IED)
  • Geographic Intelligence (GEOINT)
  • Open Source Intelligence (OSINT)
  • Weapons Technical Intelligence (WTI)
  • Biometrics

Conference and Event Management
Within Conference and Event Management, Saxman One provides start to finish strategic conference planning and solutions. Our trained government meeting certified staff has over 40 years of Federal meeting and staffing support. Saxman One meets each unique requirement needed with professionals who bring experience in professional graphics, communications, conference planning and administrative support. Saxman One has stood out from the crowd through the services offered and the dedicated, experienced staff who have managed conference solutions for our clients. Saxman One’s unique talents and skills provide customers with creative solutions and innovative, strategic capabilities in:

  • Event Agenda Coordination
  • Vendor Research, Site Selections, and Contract Negotiations
  • Security Procedures
  • Registration and Sign-Up
  • Virtual Meetings with Meeting Specific Branding
  • Booth Design, Maintenance, Set-Up, and Scheduling
  • Development of Customizable Website, Social Media, eBlasts, Congressional Testimony, Speeches, and Event Materials
  • Event Recording, Editing, and Publishing
  • Post Conference Wrap-Ups

Tim Cullen

Tim Cullen
Director of Operations

Tim has been working for Cape Fox Corporation for over 11 years as Director of Operations for Saxman One, LLC Tim brings over 20 years of government contracting experience across multiple agencies and projects. Having spent many years working in the Department of Defense Science and Technology space, he has supported the Defense Threat Reduction Agency, Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, Office of Naval Research, the Defense Science Board, and the National Science Foundation, among others. With Saxman One, LLC, Tim has been managing programs under the Office of Justice Programs within the Department of Justice, focusing on White House initiatives and tribal programs.

Prior to Cape Fox, Throughout these programs, Tim has focused on outreach initiatives, strategic planning and communication, meetings and events, training, STEM engagement, and website development. Tim and his team are expanding and growing our capabilities to target and increase participation and awareness of government programs within the unique communities that they aim to serve.


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As a subsidiary of Cape Fox Corporation, an Alaska Native-owned Corporation, we are always looking for talented, hardworking employees to join our team. We are proud of our diverse workplace, our cultural and heritage emphasis, and our focus on giving back to the communities that support us. Come join the Cape Fox FCG Team. We offer competitive salaries, excellent benefits, professional development opportunities, and a fully vested 401(k).

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