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Construction Services

The Cape Fox Federal Contracting Group (FCG) construction services team consists of highly experienced and specialized industry professionals who exceed expectations on every job. Cape Fox aims to provide project delivery that exceeds our clients' expectations in budget, schedule, quality, and safety. Customer satisfaction is our number one priority. We achieve this by hiring the best people and providing great benefits and a team environment.

Cape Fox FCG offers consistent delivery of high-quality services and value-driven solutions in many core construction needs to the Federal Government including, design-build; building renovations; new construction; pre-construction services; construction management; IT and security upgrades; electrical, plumbing, and HVAC; demolition and remediation, and roofing. Our superior knowledge and consistent application of federal contracting processes and procedures uniquely position us to tackle any complex construction challenge.

Cape Fox FCG offers robust business systems support and methods for any scale build contract. We optimize expert planning, sourcing, and project management for building efficiency. We offer a "one team" approach between our clients, designers, and subcontractors and then utilize our in-depth knowledge of client operations to work toward more economical solutions. Our experience extends from general experience needs of reading building drawings, providing material and cost estimates, knowledge of inspection and safety procedures to more specialized expertise such as green construction needs, cost negotiation, and working with diverse construction materials (brick, lumber, reinforced concrete, steel) and types of structures. Experience and knowledge have given our organization a strong foundation that is consistent as we adhere to our mission and core values.

Design-Build: Our Design-Build Team provides services for new construction, full and partial retrofits, recommissioning, and building conversion of government facilities across the nation. We identify and implement cost-effective solutions to achieve LEED credits and reduce costs to the client.

Renovation: We have successfully completed renovations of multi-story buildings and barracks, major building systems repair or replacement of electrical, mechanical, civil works, maintenance and repair of facilities, roads and pavements, exterior landscaping, and environmental work.

Security Upgrades: Cape Fox furnishes proven construction services related to the enhancement or upgrade of various security, access control points, and other Force Protection services nationwide. We have a proven history of providing construction management services.

Subsidiaries with these capabilities:


Department of the Air Force Air Education and Training Command

Our team from NAVAR, a wholly owned subsidiary of the Cape Fox Corporation, began working for the Department of the Air Force Air Education and Training Command in 2012 at Lackland Air Force Base in Lackland, TX. The contract award was for commercial and institutional building construction. NAVAR performed repair work on troop housing facilities. This contract work was one of several similar projects for work completed on bases throughout Texas and surrounding states.

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Our team performed work utilizing the expertise of our subcontracting team partner in Antiterrorism and Force Protection (AT/FP) reinforcement of doors and windows. AT/FP perimeter security systems are used when the highest level of protection is needed around government buildings. AT/FP systems are designed to reduce vulnerability and protect lives, facilities, equipment, and information.

Our team of experts followed government guidelines to ensure the AT/FP standards were met on time and with budget parameters set forth by the Customer.

Department of Defense – US Army Corps of Engineers

Cape Fox FCG has the experience and expertise to perform renovation projects efficiently. In September 2013, our NAVAR team was the prime contractor on a renovation project for the Department of Defense and the US Army Corps of Engineers. The contracted work was for commercial and institutional building construction and repair or alteration of miscellaneous buildings. NAVAR’s experienced construction crew repaired and renovated building barracks, the dining facilities, and the transient headquarters building at Fort Wolters in Mineral Wells, Texas. Our NAVAR team completed the work on the 34,000 SF renovation project involving the three buildings. This majority of the renovation work for those buildings included replacement of electric service; water, sewer, HVAC and gas; fire protection and alarm systems; walls, ceilings and room finishes; paving walks, curbs and gutters; security fencing and lighting; storm drainage; site improvements; information systems; and anti-terrorism measures.

The NAVAR team of skilled workers were able to complete the extensive renovation project within the time parameters requested by the customer and within budget.

Department of Defense – US Army Corps of Engineers

In September 2014, NAVAR was awarded another contract for the Department of Defense Army Corps of Engineers. Our skill and expertise had proven efficient and effective in completing construction contracts on time and within budget. For this contract, NAVAR was responsible for the renovation of Building 307 and Building 390 at Lackland Air Force Base in San Antonio, Texas. These renovations needed to meet current Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility (SCIF) standards incorporating numerous communications networks (NIPR, SIPR, JWICS, and Secure VOIP). Building 307 was approximately 3,635 SF and includes 3,635 sq. ft. administrative workspace for 25 personnel housing the leadership elements of the 75th Intelligence Squadron (IS) and 390th Cyberspace Operations Squadron (COS). Building 390 was approximately 7 x 166 square feet and includes administrative workspace for 60 personnel housing the 688th Cyberspace Operations Group (COG) and 688th Operation Support Squadron (OSS).