USAID COVID Taskforce Opportunities

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Eagle Health is working with the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) to provide global response and support for continued COVID-19 Response and Pandemic Preparedness measures. Eagle Health has a long history of providing support for USAID, and we are delighted to begin this new contract by growing our offerings to the agency in meaningful ways as a leading expert in healthcare, research, and program coordination.

USAID is the world’s premier international development agency. USAID’s Office of Security (SEC) is responsible for the protection of USAID personnel and critical assets through comprehensive and forward-thinking security solutions that enable USAID to achieve its mission safely and securely. USAID works to ensure families, communities, and countries can thrive and grow. USAID works toward health initiatives like pandemic support and research, disaster relief, or helping communities grow through education and resources.

COVID-19 has been one of the greatest health challenges faced worldwide. In January 2021, President Biden outlined the National Strategy for the COVID-19 Response and Pandemic Preparedness. This plan was a roadmap to help fight COVID-19 now and in the future. The plan focused on four main areas: Protect Against and Treat COVID-19, Prepare for New Variants, Prevent Economic and Educational Shutdowns, and Continue to Vaccinate the World. USAID is working to put this plan in place, and Eagle Health staff will be on the front lines of support.

The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on USAID highlighted the need to maintain a 24/7 operations center to monitor, notify, coordinate, and respond to issues impacting the USAID mission and staff. The USAID COVID-19 Task Force established a Command Center to monitor and coordinate issues impacting personnel, their travel, and USAID facilities on a 24/7 basis. This capability will continue to be required throughout the pandemic.

Eagle Health will support efforts to strengthen and expand USAID’s COVID-19 programming, including contributing to the development of programs, guidance, tools, and resources and the design of new and innovative programs. To accomplish the mission, Eagle Health has open positions in the following:

USAID COVID Taskforce Opportunities

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Job Title Requisition No.
Project Manager, SCRY Enterprise Fielding and Implementation 6549
Operations Specialist, Senior Watch Officer 6550
External Partner/Donor Coordinator 6551
Activity Manager/Acquisition and Assistance Specialist 6552
Health Integration Technical Advisor 6553
Communications and Content Specialist 6554
Program Analyst/Assistant (Executive Secretariat/Administrative Assistant) 6557
Management and Program Analyst (Audit, Evaluation, and Accountability Coordinator) 6558
Senior Social and Behavior Change Advisor (Technical Advisor) 6559
Supply Chain Waste Management Technical Advisor 6560
Legislative Affairs Advisor (External Coordination Officer/Partnerships Officer/Private Sector Office) 6561
Ethiopia COVID-19 Coordinator (Technical Advisor) 6568
Guinea COVID-19 Coordinator (Technical Advisor) 6569
Malawi Immunization Advisor (Technical Advisor) 6570
Kenya COVID-19 Coordinator (Technical Advisor) 6571
Africa Bureau COVID-19 Knowledge Management Specialist (Knowledge Management Officer) 6573
Angola COVID-19 Coordinator (Technical Advisor) 6572
Budget Analyst (Budget Officer) 6555
Senior Communications Specialist 6764
External Partner/Donor Coordinator PPL 6763
Management and Program Analyst 6762
Occupational Health and Safety Specialist 6791
Program Analyst IRD 6898
External Partner/Donor Coordinator PPL 6904
Activity Manager/Acquisition and Assistance Specialist 6905
Customer Mapping Specialist (Management and Program Analyst) 6907
Program Support Specialist - M/MPBP 6914
Program Support Specialist - M/MPBP/AMD 6915
Special Pandemic Advisor (Asia) 6924
Sudan COVID-19 Coordinator 6937
Eastern and Southern Caribbean (ESC) Regional Mission Intermittent Senior COVID-19 Impact Development Advisor (ISCA) 6938
M/AA Program Support Specialist 6939
M/AA Operations Specialist 6940
M/CCS Management and Program Analyst 6941
MPS Team Junior Management and Program Analyst 6942
MPS Team Management and Program Analyst 6943
MPS Team Mid Management and Program Analyst (Resource Development) 6944
CS Team (CX Resources) Management and Program Analyst 6945
CS Team (CX Liaison) Management and Program Analyst 6946
MPAR BRP Mid-Level Management Analyst 6947

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