Teaming With Cape Fox FCG

“The greatest change in corporate culture – and the way business is being
conducted – may be the accelerated growth of relationships based on…partnership.”
— Peter Drucker

Each Cape Fox FCG subsidiary serves as a trusted partner to Federal Agencies and other Federal Contractors. In addition to Federal procurement advantages, teaming arrangements provide significant value to our industry partners, large and small. We value these partnerships and their contribution to our success and development within the 8(a) Program and following graduation. In return, we deliver a true team dynamic. We accomplish this by providing quality solutions and shared growth with our industry partners. Collaborating with Cape Fox FCG subsidiaries ensures our clients and customers reach their small business and socioeconomic utilization goals as well as benefit from ANC incentives. Success is not achieved alone, but rather as a team.



While teaming arrangements are standard for this industry, Cape Fox FCG provides added value by becoming a trusted partner. Our quality solutions are proven across contracts and teaming arrangements. Ultimately, we help our partners with their small business plans, gain Government rebates, and increase access to new business opportunities.


Small Business/Socioeconomic Goals

Cape Fox FCG provides solutions for meeting small business goals and socioeconomic contracting requirements. Our subsidiaries are at various stages in the business development process, qualifying for multiple small business sizes and classifications. For our small business partners, we serve as a “similarly situated entity” under the Small Business Administration regulation.



The Indian Finance Act (25 U.S.C. 1544) and FAR 52-226-1A allow for subcontract incentives. Prime contractors who subcontract to ANCs may receive additional compensation, above the value of the prime contract, for subcontracting with the Native American-owned entity.


Opportunities for New Business

Often, teaming with other industry leaders presents opportunities to extend support with current customers, gain access to new customers, and cross-utilize contract vehicles such as Government-wide Acquisition Contracts (GWAC). These opportunities may have been missed without the partnership.