Entries by Heather Kaiser

Cape Fox Welcomes a New Federal Subsidiary

Cape Fox Corporation has eight federal contracting subsidiaries that specialize in many areas such as healthcare, professional services, construction, IT and cybersecurity. Cape Fox Federal subsidiaries are becoming leading experts in each of these fields. We are very pleased to announce that Cape Fox is adding a new Federal subsidiary to its Federal Contracts Group (FCG), Wolf Lake Services.

Mountain Point Wins First Contract

Cape Fox Mountain Point, LLC, (Mountain Point) one of the newest Cape Fox Corporation (CFC) subsidiaries, is pleased to announce it has won its first contract since joining the 8(a) Program. Mountain Point will be providing construction services for the Customs and Border Protection (CBP) along with the Homeland Security Marine and Land division. Through previous construction services work with other subsidiaries, Mountain Point can show its expertise early on to be a leader among other organizations.

Cape Fox Shared Services Employee Shines

The numbers are in…and the spotlight award goes to…Cape Fox Shared Services (CFSS) employee Corrinne Ulloa. Corinne is the Payroll Manager for CFSS and also supports the company’s VOYA 401K administration. She began with Cape Fox in June 2018 as a temp but was soon promoted to be an employee because of her knowledge and skills on the job. Corinne is a hardworking, dedicated employee of Cape Fox and she has stood out in her role as Payroll Manager for her commitment to ensuring employees get their payroll processed and paid accurately each pay period.

Cape Fox Shared Services Cares About Our First Responders

America’s First Responders are the silent warriors helping to protect and serve our communities. On January 29, 2021, Cape Fox Shared Services through the Cape Fox Cares Program supported our local first responders by donating to the Battlefield Lodge Charitable Foundation. Cape Fox Shared Services supports our local Manassas, Virginia community, and we do that by supporting the first responders who work tirelessly to protect and serve us.

NAVAR Started the Year with a Win

The new year started with a win for NAVAR, LLC, a Cape Fox Corporation (CFC) subsidiary. NAVAR will be expanding its conference planning and meeting support experience with a new customer, the Federal Transit Administration (FTA). The FTA is an agency under the Department of Transportation (DOT) and provides financial and technical assistance to local public transit systems. The FTA oversees safety measures and develops advanced technology research. NAVAR began providing the FTA with logistical support for conferences and meetings on January 5th. NAVAR started the year with a new win from a new customer and will expand their meeting planning experiences.