Eagle Health Recognizes a Champion

On April 20, 2021, Eagle Health, LLC, a Cape Fox Corporation subsidiary, awarded a Cape Fox Employee Spotlight Tinàa Award to Tony Chukes. Tony started working with Eagle Health in 2008 at the Defense Health Agency (DHA) as an Accounting Analyst. However, he has worked with DHA for over ten years. Tony has shown great adaptability to new ideas and programs in his job and great leadership skills. Tony was nominated for the Tinàa Award for being a great team member, his positive attitude, his dedication, and his cooperation. Eagle Health is proud to have Tony on our team.

Cape Fox Welcomes a New Federal Subsidiary

Cape Fox Corporation has eight federal contracting subsidiaries that specialize in many areas such as healthcare, professional services, construction, IT and cybersecurity. Cape Fox Federal subsidiaries are becoming leading experts in each of these fields. We are very pleased to announce that Cape Fox is adding a new Federal subsidiary to its Federal Contracts Group (FCG), Wolf Lake Services.

Mountain Point Wins First Contract

Cape Fox Mountain Point, LLC, (Mountain Point) one of the newest Cape Fox Corporation (CFC) subsidiaries, is pleased to announce it has won its first contract since joining the 8(a) Program. Mountain Point will be providing construction services for the Customs and Border Protection (CBP) along with the Homeland Security Marine and Land division. Through previous construction services work with other subsidiaries, Mountain Point can show its expertise early on to be a leader among other organizations.