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Healthy employees, thriving workplace: Eagle Health's promise to you.

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Eagle Health puts the care in career by offering expert occupational health services. Eagle Health has become an industry leader in occupational health care services, providing services to seven federal agencies. We are the place to go for all your work health needs.

What is Occupational Health?

Occupational health is a field of health care dedicated to the well-being and safety of employees in the workplace. It focuses on injury prevention and employee education. Occupational health services often include employee wellness, ergonomics, occupational therapy, occupational medicine, vaccination clinics, and more.

Why Choose Eagle Health?


Whether you have 10 employees or 10,000, Eagle Health can keep your workers safe and healthy on the job. We provide everything you need to keep your workforce running, from work-related injury care and pre-placement screenings to physical therapy and physicals. Our Eagle Health team of occupational health experts serves groups and individuals with onsite personal support. We provide wellness programs that combine early intervention or on-site therapy services with a strategic wellness program that provides whole health solutions for you and your employees. Our wellness services are designed to keep the care in healthcare so employees can enjoy a healthy work/life balance and preventative healthcare solutions.

In patient surveys of our care, Eagle Health always ranks as a five-star provider. That is because our care professionals always start and end with the patient’s care as primary care.

What Services Do We Offer?

From physical examinations to hearing conservation programs, Eagle Health offers a wide range of on and off-site occupational health services designed to help maintain a healthy and safe workforce.

Physical Examinations/Wellness Exams: Offers physicals and general wellness exams to keep your employees safer, healthier, and more productive at work and home.

Hearing Conservation Program: Provides medical monitoring for employees exposed at work to noise levels of 85 decibels or higher.

General Medical Emergencies: Identifies and stabilizes emergent non-occupational medical problems and arranges for transfer to an appropriate community medical provider for further care.

Exposures to Biological Hazards: Provides emergency medical support for occupational injuries and suspected illnesses.

General Pre-placement Medical Evaluations: Conducts pre-placement medical evaluations to determine an individual’s medical readiness to perform designated work.

Immunizations: Provides a variety of immunizations including but not limited to anthrax; hepatitis A and B viruses; human papillomavirus; influenza viruses; measles, mumps, and rubella viruses.

Influenza Immunization Program: Administers vaccines to workers who have face-to-face contact with patients. We provide approximately 15,000 doses of seasonal flu vaccine per year.

Animal Exposure Program: Provides health and safety information related to the use and care of animals, occupationally indicated immunizations, and clinical evaluation and treatment for animal-related injuries or illnesses.

Biological Surety Program: Determines whether workers are physically and psychologically fit to work in a BSL/ABSL-3 or -4 laboratory environment.

Pathogen-Specific Procedures: Provides pathogen-specific occupational medical support for researchers working with various human pathogens.

Police Officers and Firefighters Evaluations: Provide pre-placement medical evaluations for police officers and firefighters that are more detailed than for most other workers.

Respirator Medical Clearance Evaluations: Provides initial medical clearances for participants in the Respiratory Protection Program and ensure compliance with the OSHA regulatory requirements.

Tuberculosis Surveillance Program: Seeks to minimize transmission of M. tuberculosis at the worksite to employees at significant risk for occupational infection and for the protection of nonhuman primates.

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